Fed up with
Short-Term Rentals?

Tell ’em right now!

On March 27th City Council voted on the new Residential Short-Term Rental regulations which included some of the points that we have all been pushing for like 1 Residential STR permit per square block, better platform enforcement, and will be hiring more employees to handle enforcement!

Unfortunately, at the last minute Freddie King introduced an amendment to allow up to 2 addition “exception permits” per square block per City Council approval.

Please reach out to your Councilmembers and let them know that more permits are not the answer and to say NO to exception permits!

  • 1-1-1! One per person. One per property. One per square.
    No more out-of-state STR Operators. No more mini-moguls hoarding all the housing. No more displaced New Orleanians. No more blocks becoming hotels. 1-1-1 for fewer STRs, NOT MORE!
  • Platform Enforcement. Short-Term Rentals are a billion dollar industry for corporations like Airbnb, Sonder, VRBO, and many others. But these platforms are built to break New Orleans City Laws so they can break our housing market. No more buddy-buddy relationship with Safety & Permits. When New Orleanians break the law, we have to pay. When Airbnb breaks the law, they should pay too! 
  • Close the permit renewal loophole. Require all STR permit renewals to undergo an onsite inspection. The number of noncompliant properties- especially commercial properties hidden behind LLCs and front people- is out of control. ALL other commercial businesses in Orleans Parish have to undergo numerous in-person inspections before receiving a license to operate. Just because the Safety & Permits Office has been soft on STRs for years does not mean it should continue that way! End the special status of taking STR operators at their word. The whole STR industry has proven too many times to count that they can’t be trusted. Close the permitting loopholes now!
  • Violations not Adjudications. Wealthy landlords bleed our courts, shuffle their cases from judge-to-judge, and run out the clock or get away with a slap on the wrist, all while profiting tens of thousands of dollars and driving up the cost of housing. And nothing changes! We need required timelines for hearings & appeals, mandatory permit revocations, and increased penalties. No more ignoring the damage they’re doing because the city won’t stop them. Get serious about enforcement NOW!