On February 28th, 2024, after several months of litigation, Judge Lemelle issued a ruling from the 5th Circuit Court siding with the City of New Orleans on most parts of the new ordinances voted on by City Council early in 2023. The full judgement is attached below, as well as an article detailing the decision and the City’s ability to restart enforcement of illegal short-term rentals.

If there are STRs operating illegally in your neighborhood, make sure to report every violation! Here is a guide from Jane Place detailing the process.

03/05/2024 – Judge’s order will allow short-term rental enforcement to restart – Verite News

On August 22, 2022, the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unconstitutional the 2019 requirement of a Homestead Exemption to obtain a short-term rental permit for properties in residential neighborhoods, and discriminates against out of state investors.  The City of New Orleans has been given until March 31, 2023 to make the necessary changes to the current STR permitting laws in order to comply with the court’s ruling.

We are a group of concerned residents, neighborhood organizations, and housing advocates who see the ways that short-term rentals have devastated our neighborhoods. We are pushing the city to make changes that protect our residents, and bring long-term renters back to our blocks.

Look to this page in the upcoming days and weeks for updates on City Council hearings, community meetings, and our research and demands of the city.  Contact us if you would like to pick up a t-shirt!